In the end of the 90s a thrash metal band by the name of ''Bloody Omen'' was formed in the french town of Aurillac. But Astaroth's line up was not completed until Julien G joined.

Drums were now handled by Julien and, Invoking A Dark Fullmoon, a 7 tracks demo was released in summer 2004 (This demo has been reedited on tape by Infernal Kommando Records) Immediatly, Astaroth played their first live show at Aurillac then principaly Clermont-Ferrand and Lyon...

In 2006, Astaroth began to work on a full-lenght album "L'ère Des Chatiments", that was finished in 2007. Matthiew and Julien started to play in a new entity called aorlhac meanwhile Marc had to slow down his involvment in Astaroth.

During the last few years, Marc continued to create some music for Astaroth and a new album may come true !

Astaroth live at LE PRISME 15000 AURILLAC in december 2007. Beyond The Noth Waves - Immortal Cover